Welcome to Salt & Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band’s Media Archive. We’ve collected together some bits and pieces from over the years and we’ll be posting some of them here. The archive is divided into three categories:

What’s on display here is really just a small sample. More photos, videos and songs can be found by visiting the band’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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Sunday May 1, 2011

We’re in the middle of moving our website to a new hosting plan, so you may find a lot of broken links and other things not quite working over the next 24 hours as we wait for things to transfer over.

Thanks for your patience.

Since 1998, Salt & Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band has been proud to support the following charities and organisations: So far, we have raised over €100,000 for these causes through the kind generosity of those who continue to support us by giving up their time and talent.