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Programme From The Very First Concert, April 1998

This is the programme from the very first Salt & Pepper concert, “An Evening With The Beatles,” which was held on 26th April 1998. ¬†Click on a thumbnail to have a closer look, and see how many names you recognise.


Photos: “Millennium Tour” Programme

The front cover of the programme from the band’s “Millennium Tour,” December 1999.

Photos: First Concert Posters

From deep, deep, deep in the Salt & Pepper Archives, posters from the first and second concerts, held back in April and December 1998.

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Photos: A Few Oldies

A few photos from WAY back (the band’s Millennium Tour in December 1999) which is why some of us look so young.¬† Most of these pictures are from a video of the show, so apologies for the quality.

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