A Visit to ARC House

Today we paid a visit to ARC House on Eccles Street to donate the proceeds from our recent HELP! fundraiser, which came to a total of €900. ARC provides holistic support services that complement traditional medical treatment with education and psychological care for all those affected by cancer. All of its services are provided free of charge, which is why every donation ARC receives — whether it be in the form of money or a volunteer’s time — is so important.

ARC’s Director of Fundraising Gráinne Barnett was kind enough to show us some of the facilities ARC offers. Perhaps the most important thing they provide is a friendly ear, someone to talk to, someone to listen. But as well as this one-to-one counselling, ARC also provides relaxation classes, Tai-Chi massage and reflexology, all in a welcoming, calming environment.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Gráinne for her time, and also once again thank everyone who donated towards this amazing cause. Further information about ARC can be found on their website, www.arccancersupport.ie

Site Update
Sunday May 1, 2011

We’re in the middle of moving our website to a new hosting plan, so you may find a lot of broken links and other things not quite working over the next 24 hours as we wait for things to transfer over.

Thanks for your patience.

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